On-Site Soil Testing Services

Built on decades of experience, Simtec offer unrivalled soil testing services to effectively manage and facilitate all client requirements. Our on-site Diamond CoringCBR, and Plate Load Testing services provide a complete on-site testing solution.

Earthworks & Soils Stabilisation Testing

Soil improvement and soil stabilisation can be used for fills, foundations, subgrade improvement, slope repairs, working platforms, and hardstanding. By adding binders in-situ, you improve the soil’s performance. This method is proven to be both cost-effective and sustainable.

In earthmoving operations, it is essential that the materials used comply with the contract's classification and placement criteria and are tested in compliance with the relevant clause of the British Standard BS 1377. An earthwork's design is extremely important to a construction. This is because all subsequent operations rely on the integrity of placed materials and the anticipated strength of the operation.

Simtec provide a full range of contamination testing suites accredited to UKAS and MCERTs for soils, waters, and gases through approved external laboratories. 

Post-stabilisation testing is also carried out to ensure the finished material meets design and compliance requirements.

Simtec vehicle on site

Specialist Soils Testing Service From Simtec:

  • Qualified Field Technicians
  • 24/7 nationwide
  • CSCS accredited
  • Highly professional service
  • Exemplary safety record
  • Save on material importing
  • Reduce off-site disposal
  • Reduce vehicle movement
  • Minimise cost

Simtec’s reliable and professional concrete diamond coring service comes with no minimum charge. Call today to find out more or for some friendly advice and guidance.

Setting up a CBR Test on site

Site Quality Control Testing

On-site quality monitoring and control testing is carried out by one of our skilled site technicians and includes:

  • Pulverisation
  • Moisture Condition Value (MCV)
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
  • Plate Bearing Test
  • Density/Moisture

Simtec also monitor the binder addition rate and take samples during site treatment for strength testing.

Digging for aggregate samples

Plate Loading Testing

The plate loading test developed by the US Corp of Engineers is used to assess the in-situ strength of naturally occurring ground for structural purposes or to test the integrity of placed layers of material for compliance purposes.

CBR Testing under a bridge

Stiffness Measurement with the Lightweight Deflectometer (LWD)

The Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer or Lightweight Deflectometer (LWD) is a rapid assessment tool for carriageway layers. For pavement design, it is necessary to know the stiffness of the foundation platform, and this can be quickly achieved using the deflectometer.  Giving a direct readout in Megapascals (MPa), this equipment is an invaluable tool for pavement engineering.

A test is carried out by placing the machine over the area and releasing the weight using a trigger. This process is repeated several times and the computer, having collected the geophone data, calculates an average value for the stiffness of the material beneath the plate. The process takes only a few minutes, meaning a large area can be assessed in a short space of time.

This equipment is now accepted by Highways England and appears in the Specification for Highway Works as a tool for the evaluation of highway foundation platforms. The same process can be carried out on existing pavements to gain stiffness information when designing maintenance strategies.

On site testing

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Investigation

This method enables stiffness values to be gained from a considerable depth. Software has been developed to convert the cone resistance to a CBR value and present it in a graphical format. This can be invaluable for pavement design, foundation design, and compaction assessment.

Simtec engineers testing on site

Why Simtec?

Established in 2007 and built on a foundation of years of experience in the construction and civil engineering industry, Simtec Materials Testing Ltd is a company with a total commitment to quality. Striving to provide a comprehensive testing service to the industry’s different sectors. Whatever the testing needs, Simtec endeavour to consistently deliver a premium service with expertly trained technical personnel and specialist, state-of-the-art equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are earthworks in construction?

Earthworks are engineering works conducted in and with granular soils (the movement of earth through excavation and filling). Earthwork testing is crucial for construction projects to ensure the integrity of prospective developments.

What is a CBR test?

The California Bearing Ratio test (CBR test) is a penetration test for evaluating the strength and stiffness of subgrade soil and other materials needed for earthworks and road construction. Get in touch for more information about our on-site quality control and earthwork testing services.

How long does a plate load test take?

Plate load testing to BS 1377 should take between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the site conditions and project requirements. This test will determine the earth’s strength and bearing capacity by applying an increasing load to a circular steel plate and measuring the corresponding settlement.

How long does a cone penetration test take?

An on-site dynamic cone penetration (DCP) test should take between 30 minutes and 3 hours to complete. This test can be used to accurately predict CBR values for a wide range of soils. As the cone goes into the ground, measurements are constantly captured and recorded on the computer. Results will then be presented in a graphical format.