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Simtec - Diamond Coring Services

Simtec Materials Testing was established in 2007 with a workforce that already had many years of experience in the construction and civil engineering industry. With a committed and pioneering approach to standards and compliance that has allowed them to build a strong reputation in the materials testing industry.

Simtec is a leading diamond drilling specialist and can offer a cost effective, quiet, non-percussive and precise way of extracting cores in materials such as concrete and asphalt for routine or investigatory testing purposes.

The highly skilled team of diamond drillers are all CSCS accredited and are capable of precision coring and high quality re-instatement.

Simtec can offer dedicated, specialist coring engineers 24/7 nationwide.

Simtec's reliable and professional service has an exemplary safety record which is competitively priced with no minimum charge. Call Simtec today to find out more or for some friendly advice and guidance.

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Diamond Coring Overview*

Diamond Drilling is a form of core drilling which uses a rotary drill with a diamond drill bit attached in order to create precisely measured holes. As diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, it is ideal for creating openings in a range of materials including concrete and asphalt.

Retrospective coring to retrieve test samples is a common requirement in civil engineering. Simtec offers an excellent service using state of the art hydraulic drilling equipment fitted with quality diamond-tipped core barrels of differing diameters. Reinstatement is carried out to the highest standard.

Simtec can quickly and cleanly cut holes from 100mm to 400mm to enable subbase testing such as DCP (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer) as well as retrieval of the extracted core(s) for further laboratory analysis.

UKAS Accredited BS and BS EN Standard Testing

Simtec can offer a wide range of Diamond Coring* testing, covering Asphalt and Concrete.

UKAS accreditation is assessed on individual tests, and Simtec endeavour to gain accreditation for most site and laboratory tests as and when there is a demand in the marketplace. We currently hold accreditation for around 60 individual test methods, and it is constantly increasing. Simtec's schedule recently transitioned to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Diamond Coring* testing carried out on extracted cores include:


  • Logging and photography of cored specimens
  • Bulk Density and Air voids
  • Maximum density
  • Binder and grading analysis
  • Bitumen recovery
  • Bitumen needle penetration & softening point.
  • Tar content


  • Logging and photography of cored specimens
  • Compressive strength of hardened concrete
  • Void assessment and density
  • Cement content
  • Depth of carbonation

*Our UKAS accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here. Diamond Coring* is outside of our UKAS accredited scope of works

Concrete coring on site

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Services Simtec Offer

Simtec offer services in all the following disciplines and more:

  • Highways and construction
  • Environmental and waste management
  • Water, drainage and utility works

Simtec undertake testing of earthworks, concrete, unbound and hydraulically bound aggregates, bituminous mixtures and recycled aggregates. Additionally, providing a range of in-situ testing on both placed and naturally occurring materials, including diamond coring*, surface regularity, skid resistance, plate bearing, incremental loading tests, geotechnical investigation, drainage testing and dust monitoring.

Simtec provides a high-quality service from well equipped, UKAS accredited laboratories in Leicestershire.

Laboratory testing is constantly monitored internally and regularly audited to provide the level of service expected by clients. The comprehensive range of tests is UKAS accredited to guarantee the quality and validity of results and subsequent test reports.

CBR Testing on a newly laid road

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you turnaround laboratory tests as my client won't pay me until I have sent these across to them?

Our standard turnaround on laboratory samples is ten working days. however, we can, in most cases, provide an express service to suit the needs of your business. These are generally five, three and one day services as appropriate. Some tests take longer than others and adherence to the standards means the timescale cannot be shortened.

What is the turnaround time for test reports for site testing?

If no laboratory samples are taken from site we aim to get your reports to you within 48 hours but preliminary results can usually be given after the test is complete to give you an idea of compliance.

What notice do I need to give for a technician to attend site?

Usually a week to guarantee a slot although on occasion we can work around the client to fit in urgent jobs or last minute requests.

What size sample do I need to bring in for testing and what paperwork do you require?

The size of sample depends on the material and the reason for the testing. Simtec Materials Testing can offer advice once we know the nature of the tests required. The more information you can supply, for example, client, site name, date sampled, material type, specification etc the more accurately we can advise you. A purchase order is normally required at this stage.

Where can I find a copy of your risk assessments and method statements?

A call to our office will be sufficient as our staff are more than happy to provide you with all you need. Although generic method statements are written for all of our test procedures, risk assessments tend to be site/project specific and the base documents are reworked to include the peculiarities of the site in question.

The Simtec approach

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The grease-in-the-wheels of the construction industry, ensuring work progresses at pace with unnecessary costs avoided. Since 2007 Simtec have established themselves as the trusted name in construction materials testing, building a professional, practical and methodical business culture from the top down.

A simple approach

Simtec believe that shared knowledge is the foundation on which everyone progresses. Having documented and routinely shared best practices with partners and clients to minimise everyone’s exposure to risk.

Every contract that is undertaken is measured against the Simtec Optimum Compliance Benchmark data consisting of best practice criteria, designed to help clients achieve consistently high compliance approval and avoid cost of delay or remedial work.

The integrity, rigour and safeguarding Simtec provide has established Simtec as a trusted testing partner to firms across the UK’s construction sector.