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Simtec - Concrete Cube Testing In Our Laboratories

Simtec Material Testing has the capacity to carry out Concrete Cube Testing at our Leicestershire Laboratories.

Our laboratory testing is constantly monitored internally and annually audited to provide the level of service expected by our clients. Our comprehensive range of tests is UKAS accredited to guarantee the quality and validity of results and reporting.

Concrete Core Samples in the lab

Concrete Cube Testing Overview

There are many instances where fresh concrete is used on construction projects. It can be batched on-site or delivered in a mixer truck from a static plant.

The control of concrete quality is imperative in order to avoid structural failure. The two primary tests are the workability using the slump test and the cube compressive strength of the delivered mix. In both cases, a strict sampling technique is used to ensure the integrity of the testing.

Projects and budgets can be at risk if the concrete is not tested to the relevant BS or BS EN Standards. Testing concrete can ensure it can withstand the level of compression forces required in the original design. Simtec can provide UKAS accredited testing in accordance with BS or BS EN standards delivering the highest standard or professional compliance.

Concrete Cube Samples

Concrete Cube Testing: The Process

To test the strength of fresh concrete, cube samples are made in 100mm or 150mm cube moulds. A sample of the mix is taken per BS EN 12350-1 (verification required for BS EN number) and a set of six cubes are made per BS EN 1881-108 or its replacement BS EN 12390-2.

The cubes are soaked in a controlled water bath and crushed in a hydraulic press to measure their strength. The cubes are filled with wet concrete in two or three layers. Each layer is compacted using a tamping bar and a specific number of strokes. The tops of the cube samples are floated off level with the top of the moulds using a polished float. Protected from the elements, the samples are allowed to cure overnight and are carefully removed from the moulds the following day. The cubes are assigned a special number and the date of creation is written on the top. After that, they are placed in a tank to cure for a specific duration at a temperature of 20°C.

The cubes are subsequently tested in a compression machine where they are subjected to increasing load until failure. The resultant crushing/compressive strength can then be compared to the design strength of the content. Cubes are crushed after 7 days to estimate the strength at 28 days. This is because they typically reach about two-thirds of the final strength by then.

In rare cases, many cubes are tested every few days, but usually, the 28-day strength is used as the goal. The crushed cube remains are chemically tested to confirm the cement content and water/cement ratio. This is done to check if the concrete has reached the desired strength after 28 days.

Test cores can be drilled from hardened concrete, enabling strength tests to be carried out on older or suspect material. These can be drilled vertically or horizontally and tested in a similar manner to cubes. Visual examination of concrete cores can be used to confirm the aggregate type and estimate the void content.

Our UKAS accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here.

Why We Carry Out Concrete Cube Testing

Simtec is your partner in keeping your project moving forward with ease. Our testing capacity gives you peace of mind and assurance for moving forward with your project and meeting British Standards.

Concrete Cube Tests help determine the strength and reliability of hardened concrete. It ensures that the concrete is suitable for its intended use and identifies any potential weaknesses.

Test cores can be drilled from already hardened concrete to investigate suspected material. The preference is always to test freshly mixed concrete, allowing results to be feedback to suppliers allowing for changes in the mix, and reducing the risk to the overall project in time and cost.

Simtec has successfully delivered services to the construction and civil engineering industry since 2007. We are proud of our high level of customer service and integrity and have a proven track record which has attributed to our growth within the sector. Contact us today, using the form, to find out more about our field-testing services and how we can help you keep your project on track and within budget.

Testing of construction materials

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are sample concrete cubes tested for compression load strength?

Concrete cube samples are testing in a calibrated hydraulic compression machine, until they fail, the resultant crushing strength can be compared to the designed strength of the concrete.

How many sample moulds are needed for testing of freshly mixed concrete?

A set of six cubes are made in accordance with BS EN 1881-108 or its replacement BS EN 12390-2

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