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As an ISO 9001 service provider, Simtec carry out all services to the highest level. Sampling, testing, and providing in-depth reports on asphalt and bituminous materials at Simtec HQ.  Simtec work across all sectors, including Utilities, Quarries, Airports, Rail, Industry, Commercial, Residential, Environmental and Roads and Highways.

Simtec have successfully and proudly delivered services to the construction and civil engineering industry since 2007.

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Asphalt Testing Overview

Simtec offers on-site and laboratory-based sampling and testing for all types of bituminous materials. Working throughout the UK, Simtec support all construction and maintenance projects with expert materials testing solutions. From resurfacing to carrying out a new project, Simtec perform UKAS accredited testing designed to provide as much information as possible, helping to make informed decisions that help manage risk and minimise the cost base.

Types of Asphalt Testing

Simtec Materials Testing can carry out a wide range of asphalt testing services. Whether gathering test data for a complete reconstruction or to test the ride quality of a new road, Simtec are primed and ready to assist. A UKAS accredited materials testing laboratory working in accordance with a range of BS, BS EN and ASTM specifications.

Simtec's quick and responsive teams of onsite technicians work 24/7 to complete jobs onsite, and are backed up with a team of experts in the Simtec laboratory.

Sample and testing systems are primarily non-destructive, employing a regime of multiple tests and sampling to give an accurate and detailed report. Recent digital improvements means reporting can be turned around within 24 hours, or in some cases the same day.  

Established in 2007 and built on a foundation of many years experience in the construction and civil engineering industry, Simtec Materials Testing is a company with a total commitment to quality. Striving to provide a comprehensive testing service to the industry’s different sectors. From routine testing of asphalt plant output to in-situ testing of materials, Simtec endeavour to deliver a premium service with expertly trained technical personnel and all the requisite calibrated equipment.

Asphalt Site Testing

Fast, measured certainty when it's needed.

To find out more, call Simtec on 0116 319 6100 or email

A Range of Asphalt Testing Services

Simtec offer a wide range of sampling and testing services. Supported by UKAS accreditation, including:

  • Bituminous Material Sampling
  • Temperature Testing
  • Bituminous Compaction Control
  • Bond/Tack Coat Rate of Spread
  • Surface Texture Testing
  • Rolling Straight Edge
  • Bituminous Material Laboratory Analysis
  • Binder & Grading Analysis
  • Residual and Fresh Bitumen Tests

Working with private contractors, local authorities, blue-chip companies and other bodies to ensure the safety and integrity of highways, roads and pavements. Simtec also help reduce waste by testing existing asphalt and suggesting where it can be reused. This saves valuable time and money as well as reducing waste and hazardous waste disposal.

Asphalt Testing
The Simtec approach

Fast, accurate assurance when you need it.

The grease-in-the-wheels of the construction industry, ensuring work progresses at pace with unnecessary costs avoided. Since 2007 Simtec have established themselves as the trusted name in construction materials testing, building a professional, practical and methodical business culture from the top down.

A simple approach

Simtec believe that shared knowledge is the foundation on which everyone progresses. Having documented and routinely shared best practices with partners and clients to minimise everyone’s exposure to risk.

Every contract that is undertaken is measured against the Simtec Optimum Compliance Benchmark data consisting of best practice criteria, designed to help clients achieve consistently high compliance approval and avoid cost of delay or remedial work.

The integrity, rigour and safeguarding Simtec provide has established Simtec as a trusted testing partner to firms across the UK’s construction sector.